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Neck and Back of Head Pain

Started by strawberriewoman on 10/23/2011 1:01pm

Hi All,
I am new to the board so I will give you some background info. Fisrt I have fibromylagia, so I have pain everywhere. But as of the last 4 months I started having servere headaches that sent me to the emergency room. They said I was having migraines and they gave me a "cocktail" which helped very little. I saw a ENT doctor to check my hearing and sinus. All clear. I got a complete medical eye exam. He saw nothing to medically cause headaches. I then saw a Neurologist who treated me for migraines. Tried it for a week didnt help. I didnt believe I had migraines from the beginning. I complanied of pain in back of my head and neck all this time also. No bloodwork done. I did have a CT scan done with nothing found. So I tried going to a Chiropractor and getting adjustments and massages. The massages made my feel good but have not helped the neck and back of head pain. So I went to a Orthopedic doctor this past Friday. They took x-rays which showed I had Cervical Arth., bone spurs and a pinched nerve near C5. He gave me a low dose predisone pack to start with and told me to come back in three weeks. He mentioned Cervical Traction Therapy also. And I already know they want you to come 3 days a week and my co-pay is 35 dollars a pop. I cant afford that but I also cant keep on with this pain everyday. My job isnt helping Im sure. I sit all day long inspecting Printed Circuit Boards, so my head is at a slight angle all day. But again this is my livenhood so Im stuck.
I was interested in hearing from anyone who has the same condition that could advise me on their course of treatments. I was intertested in trying a at home traction unit (over the door model). Anyone had any experience with those. I would appreciate any helpful advice and in return I will do the same. Thanks so much! Tammy

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Welcome strawberrywoman,
I am a nurse w spinal issues in my lumbar area, had my surgery in march,along w many other issues I have they did find spurs, they look like rose bush thorns ( to give u a visual understanding), these spurs r presssing on your spinalcord nerves causing the pain n headaches.ur orthopedist should b sending u to go see a neuro surgeon,to help u find a good neuro, choose one of the better hospitals in ur area and research for the head of neuro surgery and make apt to see hi/her. always bring ur paper reports from MRI and disc.let them make copies of both, never leave thos items w any physiacian, they r yours,just let them make copies of disc cause if u choose another physician they to will want to see your info.U can always get another copy, but u have to go back to the facility that took MRI .just tryin to save u running around.If surgery is needed what they will do is go in and shave down spur to releive pressure being put on nerves. Good luck to u, and I hope u find some answers and RELEIF..RENE :)


Fibromyalgia causes severe head and neck pain, also hand numbness and blurry vision that comes and goes. I wonder how long you have had fibromyalgia? Try to wait a few months, and practice biofeedback for the pain. If it subsides or goes away for a while that means it is probably the fibromyalgia. It is the nature of the condition to come and go if your lucky. I have many spine issues, but the fibromyalgia has been the hardest to understand and deal with. All the best to you. I also am compromised at the C 3, 4, and five. I do inversion therapy at home but with an expensive, not flimsy, table...it provides relief. Take your time and try to learn what causes your pain. All medications have their limit of use, so it is important to find the most natural relief. You probably need to change your physical working environment. Is it possible for you work to be elevated so your head is not extending forward? Research your symptoms and conditions over and over. Read as much about them that you can and apply what works for you.