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scoliosis in 8 months old child with cobbs angle 40 deg

Started by PRASHANT on 02/21/2011 5:24am

1. I Prashant Bist, is stationed at guwahati,assam
2. I was blessed with a baby boy on 02 Jun 2010 at kolkata. On 28 Dec 2010, the baby was examined by the orthopaedic surgeon, Guwahati, who diagnosed the curvature of the spine as ‘ Infantile Idiopathic scoliosis’.
3. On 02 Feb 2011, again the child was examined by another orthopedic surgeon, Guwahati, who on examination of X-Ray of the spine of the child again emphasized for urgent review by specialist in scoliosis and spinal surgeon and referred the case to N Delhi.
4. On 07 Feb 2011, MRI of complete spine was carried out , which clearly brought out ‘Dorsal Hemi vertebra with Scoliosis with Cobb’s angle of 40 deg’ and imdt referral to spine surgeon if surgery on dorsal was to be performed. The child would urgently require a brace to restrict further incr in Cobb’s angle in the spine which has already reached it’s critical stage and spine surgery for imdt rectification of spine and will need regular and specialist med sp forthwith.
5. Simultaneously,on 22 Jan 2011, I got the child examined from Dr T Bhattacharya, MBBS, MS (ortho), AIIMS, orthopedic surgeon at SM Policlinic at Guwahati, who referred my case to Dr A K Jayaswal, Orthopaedic surgeon and specialist in scoliosis surgery at AIIMS, N Delhi There is a scoliosis clinic at AIIMS and wksp for constr of brace for children for correction of scoliosis.

6. Due to the curvature of spine, the child is experiencing reg pain in the chest and abdomen. There is frequent mal functioning of digestive system which leads to vomiting no of times in a day. Any further delay in medication will lead to further medical complications in other body parts, multiple med problems of Cardiac, respiratory, digestive and hormonal imbalance apart from causing permt structural deformity with further curvature of spine with growth at a very young and tender age.

7. The diagnosis and rectification of scoliosis at this critical stage, essentially requires imdt diagnosis from Orthopedic surgeon and scoliosis surgery specialist in infants, constr of brace to slow the increasing pace of deformity and regular med attention which is paramount and vital to restrict and rectify the abnormality in the child
8. Apart from Delhi , is there any other scoliosis surgeon and brace work shop pl send info to my email add p_bist@rediffmail.com and mob 9435271213, sms yr mob no , i will give call back, regards prashant bist

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I have been able to completely reduce the tension, causing my son's Idiopathic Scoliosis. Just by performing 1 stretch. When I started stretching Matt, after a year of therapy 3 times a week. Matt walked crooked, stood crooked, and drug one leg. Now that I have removed the tension, Matt now has no problems walking at all. His shoulders are level. I have been able to reduce his angle, from 67% to between 50% to 55%. 53.6 is 20% less than 67.