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Posted in: Pain management.

Hitting Nerve During Epidural

Started by tsardom on 03/29/2018 8:48pm

On Tuesday March 27 I went for an epidural for relief for pain from spinal stenosis and sciatica. It was my 4th epidural. I received 2 approximately 5 years ago and then got another one on April 11, 2017. During the epidural two days ago, I suddenly got lightning bolt searing pain shoot down my left buttock and leg, right down to my left foot. I yelled out in pain and the doctor apparently moved the needle and the pain stopped. Then a few seconds later I got an even worse bolt of pain and told the doctor to remove the needle because I couldn't take the pain anymore. He didn't. He said he would re-position the needle and it should be alright. The pain went away and he completed the epidural. Afterwards, he told me he "probably got too close to the nerve," but everything should be fine now. The problem that the next says the pain on my left side was far worse thy than before the epidural. It has been two days and the pain on the side the event took place is still bothering to the point it is making walking difficult at times. My concern is he may have caused permanent damage to the nerve. At this point I am extremely frustrated and depressed. Previous epidurals had worked wonderfully. Any suggestions as to how to handle this issue?

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I have been through this as well but for me I lost all feelings in both of my legs and could not stand up. They put mu in a room and said when I got the feeling back I could leave!!?? 48 hours latter I was in an ambulance due to unbearable pain in my left leg.. Of course no one took responsibilty for it and for 5 years I woke up to unbearable pain in my left leg due to nerve damage. Finally A doctor listened and put me on backlifen and it helped for 10 yrs. Now the nerve has kind of healed and I am off of it. Tell your doctor what happened and be sure they listened.