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Double fusion vs single

Started by bkholy on 08/29/2017 2:27pm

My Mom went to see two neurosurgeons and one recommend to do a minimal invasive L3-L4 fusion, while another recommended doing an open surgery double L3-L4 and L4-L5 fusion. My mom's L3-L4 is the worst, in terms of stenosis and slippage in disks. L4-L5 is slowly narrowing, but no slippage there yet. Any advice or any face a similar decision?

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Hi, bkholy--thank you for your post! Those are 2 very different recommendations to weigh. Have you thought about getting a third opinion to see if a new perspective would favor one of those approaches?

Here's some basic information about the general difference between the 2 recommendations you received: Spine surgical procedures are often referred to as an open procedure or minimally invasive. Open procedures require larger incisions, muscle stripping, more anesthesia, operating time, hospitalization and, the patient usually needs more time to recover. Minimally invasive surgical techniques use tiny incisions in the skin through which small, specialized instruments are inserted. Smaller incisions lead to a host of benefits--namely a smoother recovery. You can read more about minimally invasive spine surgery here: ( What Is Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery? ).

We hope this information helps. Regardless which procedure she chooses, we hope your mother has all her questions answered and understands the risks and benefits of the surgery. Going confidently into her treatment will pay dividends in recovery. We wish her the very best!


I had the same surgery that your mom is looking at I now wish I would have had the double done first because now I've had 6 surgeries the single fusion will make l4 L5 brake down faster at least that was my case I should have gotten all at the same time the more they open you up the more scare tissue the more pain