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Scheduled for Trial Wednesday

Started by 1brokenhombre on 08/20/2017 9:34pm

What should I expect? Is a 50 mile car ride home practice or should I stay in hotel nearby in case I need an adjustment?
Just thinking about that pain of procedure doesn't get me anxious. I'm going to do trial regardless its gotten to the end of the road.
Another fusion and now more levels to stabilize the failed fusion an 8-9 hour operation and a year recovery surgeon wouldn't attempt.

How helpful is the rep of Medtronics stimulator in recovery?

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Hello, and thank you for your post! While we don't have any personal experience with spinal cord stimulation, we'd like to share this article with you: ( What Is a Spinal Cord Stimulation Trial? ). If you scroll to the bottom, it also contains links to other content about this therapy. We hope you find this information helpful as you embark on this treatment.

We see that your spinal cord stimulation trial starts today--we wish you the very best of luck! Please keep us posted on how you respond to this treatment.