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Cervical stenosis

Started by Sbheme on 05/18/2017 3:37pm

I have been feeling awful, neck pain, weakness, don't even want to move, just sit in my recliner with my head back. Does stenosis make you fatigued?? Is this causing me to not have energy? I have numb hands and feet, burning skin on my arms and feet, feel like I have to pee or have a urinary infection often, but urine tests are normal. I just don't feel like myself. Does this cause this in anyone else?? I think I may have myelopathy, can this make me feel so weak and not want to move? Thank you for any advice, I see a neurosurgeon next week and have had three spinal steroid injections over the past year, has not helped, got worse.

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Hi, Sbheme--thank you for your post! We are so sorry to hear about the neuropathic symptoms you've experienced. They could be related to your spinal stenosis, and we are happy to hear you are visiting a neurosurgeon--he or she will be able to find out exactly where your nerve pain and weakness is coming from.

We'd like to share this article with you, as we think you'll find it of interest ( Spinal Stenosis Symptoms ). You mention cervical stenosis in the title of your post, but has a doctor mentioned lumbar stenosis to you as well? Neuropathic symptoms like weakness and numbness in your hands and arms could certainly be connected to cervical stenosis, but symptoms impacting your bladder and feet may be related to nerve impingement in your low back. Again, you're seeing a neurosurgeon in just a few days, so you'll find out for sure, but perhaps it's something to discuss with the doctor during your appointment.

We hope you get some answers next week. We wish you the very best of luck!