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spinal stenosis

Started by marem2 on 04/20/2017 5:29pm

Hi my name is matthew wilmer in febraury i had an ex ray and a mri done and was told that i have spinal stenosis and was referred to a pain management team and so far i have had one epidermic treatment and is schedule for a second one on 4-26-17 the first shot didn't seem to help with the pain in my back or leg and numbness in my foot mainly on my right side . I am 75 yrs old have been a runner for almost 40yrs . Pain is really at about 10 when i get up every morning i am taking pain pills to help with the pain. Any information as to what i am to suspect or be prepared for would be helpful really don't know what to do. THANKS.

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Hi, Matthew--thank you for your post. While we don't have a personal story to share, we are happy to help provide you some information about spinal stenosis and epidural steroid injections.

First, we'd like to share some general information about epidural steroid injections. Your doctor may have discussed a lot of this with you already, but we're including it just in case:

( Spinal Injections Animation )-This is a great overview of injection therapy--and the animation really helps you visualize how doctors use this treatment.

( Epidural Corticosteroid Injections and Low Back Pain )--This is another good overview about injection therapy that may be of interest.

We'd also like to pass along this article ( Drugs, Medications, and Spinal Injections for Spinal Stenosis ), as it details some "red flags" about injections that warrant a call to your doctor.

Finally, you mention being an avid runner. While your pain is preventing you from running, you may want to discuss the possibility of exercising with your doctor. Here is some good information about exercising with spinal stenosis and why it's so important ( Exercises for Spinal Stenosis ). It may sound ridiculous to exercise if you're in pain, but engaging in gentle exercising like swimming may help reduce your pain.

We hope this information helps and you start feeling better soon!