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The happy story of "after surgery."

Started by SOLTMOM1 on 07/20/2016 11:48am

I am a reasonably healthy woman in my late sixties. On March 29, 2016 Dr. J. Patrick Johnson led a team of doctors who performed an anterior lumbar spinal fusion and posterior spine fusion (and laminectomy) to repair L3,4,5 discs. I had been advised that I was a good candidate for this surgery and that it could be expected to eliminate the almost constant pain I experience when I walked or stood for even the briefest times. I had gone through almost two years of physical therapy and pain management treatments (3 epidurals) and even a few weeks of "alternative" physical therapy, all to no avail.

It is approaching 4 months since the surgery and I am absolutely pain free - and have been so for at least 6 weeks - and therefore completely off of any the of pain meds. In the past month (3 months after the surgery - 8 hours of procedures) I am noticeably less tired and able to engage in almost normal activities for extended periods of time; as of today I can stand for up to 30 minutes without pain and walk for approximately 20-25 minutes. And I am optimistic that I will continue to get stronger. Those who know me, including close family, have trouble remembering the seriousness of my situation and subsequent major surgery I underwent.

Dr. Johnson and his staff (who participate in all aspects of the pre-op examinations, the surgery, post op in hospital recovery (3 nights) and follow up visits) have been completely professional and cooperative and ready and willing to answer my questions, even those that were completely unoriginal and routine for them although not for me. I appreciate that I am treated by all with a great degree of respect as a patient. I have been singing Dr. Johnson's praises and wholeheartedly have recommended to others that they seek out Dr. Johnson and his staff before deciding upon what procedure to have and by whom to have it performed.

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God bless you I'm so happy for you. I pray to Jesus I can find the peace you have found!