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Posted in: Pain management.

Gift or curse?

Started by 1492167414@facebook on 09/26/2014 11:22am

I had my Medtronic stimulator put in Oct. 2009 and a revision done for a broken wire in Dec. 2009. By Feb. 2010 I started getting severe shocking in the middle of my back. It would shock me so bad it would knock me to my knees. I told the Dr. but he said he could not help me. I had the Medtronic rep dfo his testing but he could not find anything wrong. While I was at a grocery store I got something out of the freezer and let the door rest on my hip but the magnetic strip in the door turned my stimulator on and I did not have my remote control with me because the unit was off. When it came on it started shocking me in my back and I had to carefully drive back home hoping that the controller would turn it off. It did. I then walked into another store going through the security at the door and that also turned the unit on. I have been fighting to get this shocking out of my body for over 4 years and so far no one is willing to help. the area where I have been getting shocked over the years my VA doctor removed cancer by digging it out of my back. Medical field learned back in the forties that too much electricity can cause cancer, so this now has me worried about the shocking. If any one else has had problems of being shocked by your scs unit please let me know how you were able to get it resolved. I am think about contacting a lawyer over this matter.

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