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cauda equina syndrone

Started by winston on 08/02/2013 9:42am

First I had a lamenectomy of L4-5, then L-3-4 and in February L1-2 with fusion and to alleviate the cauda equina syndrone, and foot drop. With physical therapy in-patient for 25 days and out-patient since and doing my assignments at home, I have the "diabetic neuropathy" effect in my ankles, which feel like very uncomfortable socks. There are also large areas behind my calves and my thighs that feel numb as well. I walk with a Rollator and am carefully trying a 4-point cane. Just wondering if a different spinal treatment would benefit me. I want to walk independently! and am trying very hard, but have been told there's a window of 12-18 months for improvement.

I do have mild scoliosis, spinal stenosis and the Feb. event was called a spinal cord injury.

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I would like to add that I DECIDED to have a positive attitude about this; to seek every bit of therapy or advice that I possibly could in order to recover. When I get up in the morning I dress nicely and when going out I make sure that I am as serene as possible, smiling and interacting with everyone. Generally, people don't want to know your problems other than maybe a sentence! So many people have told me that they are so encouraged with my positive attitude.

Of course there are times that are so hard and I just have myself a pity-party all by myself. Remembering a friend who has now passed on - he had both legs amputated, one arm and a thumb only on the other hand, a liver transplant, and toward the end was going blind. He had no money but had meager help from family. I never saw him down; he was always smiling, never whining. Now I know we knew Donnie so that his life would be a beacon to us when we are in pain or just down.

Be encouraged! Get 20 minutes of sunshine each day before 10 or after 4! Think positive thoughts even if you don't feel like it!