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Cervical Epidural placed in wrong place!!! PLEASE REPLY!!!!!

Started by 1316239615@facebook on 04/09/2012 1:09pm

Hello. I think I have a major problem here and don't know what to do! Ive been in pretty severe pain since August. It started in my right arm. The main problem is i have no health insurance. So, In January I managed to get an MRI to find I had two ruptured discs in my neck and spinal stenosis, which was causing the right arm pain. I got on the California government insurance Medi-cal and after months of waiting, was sent for a series of epidurals on my neck. I thought it was very strange that the radiologist was doing the epidurals in the side of my neck?? Through my own research on cervical epidurals, I have found that the "epidural space" is located on the back of the neck and never done on the side of the neck. I am shocked and don't even know what to do! Needless to say, I had ZERO PAIN RELIEF!!!!!! I WOULD REALLY REALLY REALLY appreciate any input!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Do not trust the Spinal Centers for epidurals, it is a high end intervention and clinics like to avoid problems. Try acupuncture and PT for pain.