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Pain Pump has had many problems

Started by FNB on 03/28/2012 11:40am

My mom has had a pain pump since 1999, before that she had a stimulator that did not work well. It was put in to control her chronic back pain. The first 2 or 3 years after the pump was implanted it did improve her pain but it was short-lived. After that, she has had to have it increased so much that it started affecting her negatively and currently her quality of life is not what you would expect. I feel like it's a slow death for her. She takes oral medication, has the pain pump, and is still in constant pain. She is "out of it" alot of the time. She is out of it or nods out several times a day from a minute to an hr or 2. During this time she is unable to function. She has fell on her knees so much that now both of her knees are bone on bone and needs knee replacement. She does have other health issues (diabetes just to name one) and she is on other medications. The drs think it's the combination of it all that is doing this. It has made every day things so complicated. She is 53 years old and is fighting being in a wheelchair bc of her knees now and one of her drs says she needs to have weight loss surgery for medical reasons to improve her health. She's not obese but she is only 5'3 and almost 200 lbs. Also, she has sleep apnea that the drs concluded is from the pain pump as well. We are now trying to decide if she should have this by pass weight loss surgery or not. It's all very complicated and overwhelming. Maybe this is just what happened with my mom and it wouldn't be like this for anyone else, but i wanted to let anyone out there that is considering a pain pump to know that it definetly has issues and problems that can arise from it. My mom's story is very complicated and long and i just don't have enough time right now to get it all in. In my opinion, FOR MY MOM, if she could do it over again, NO, she would NOT get a pain pump.

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Feel sad about your Mom.I will cancel my pump surgery.


I find that the pain pump has been a tool that allows me to join the life I see going on around me. I too am in my 50's. I was in a severe car accident and spent 6 yrs in a poisonous environment - our building was closed by Federal Govt., declaring it a "sick building". It caused such physical hardship on all my systems, my heart would just stop. This pump allowed my body to recover and maintain a somewhat normal heart beat & join my fellow employees.-So by the grace of God (& hundreds of medical professionals who have kept me alive these past 3 years) I am still able to move about without fear of my heart giving out on me, due to severe pain. I don't feel that it is causing my slow death, I feel that it is giving me hope for a better life. I hope your mother is doing much better I see the post was a couple years back.