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Pain After Surgery for Herniated Disc

Started by ecraft on 01/08/2012 9:24pm

3 weeks ago I had my second surgery for a herniated disc at L5-S1 (I am in the lucky 5% who experiences a re-herniation of the same disc). I felt relatively good after the surgery but have noticed some tingling/numbness in my left foot. I think that the tingling is normal considering that it's only been 3 weeks since my surgery, but it scares me because I am worried that it won't ever go away. I take 2 celebrex a day and it helps a little with the pain but not with the tingling. Have others had this numbness following surgery and did it ever go away? Thank you!

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well yes and no to your question.
you may be haveing this problem do to the second surgery.
everytime they cut you open you will get more scare tissue.
could be that some of that is pulling on your nerves leading down your legs.
i had a L5 fusion And a L4 stablization.
i'm in my fifth month of post op.
i have to take gabapentin 100mg three times a day for the tingling, knumbness and spazims.
also mobric instead of celebrex.
so far no problems.
maybe this could be something you can throw at your doctor.
and yes my back gets tight as well.
but if you run and do the exercises it does help with that.
the L5 is a real crappy area for problems.
all your upper body weight is on it.
so do all you can to NOT lift heavy things.
hope this helps.
i will pray for you as well.