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Thoracic discogram info

Started by 1143788544@facebook on 01/08/2012 9:14pm

I will be having a thoracic discogram to determine whether one or more of the bulging discs in my spine are the source of the pain I am having due to the facts that the pain is more organ and abdominal in addition to spine and because I have more than just a couple of degenerated and bulging or herniated discs that could be the cause. It is not a widely performed test and therefore, difficult to find a doctor who is experienced in them. How far would you travel to see a doctor who has experience in thoracic discography? What questions would you ask to verify his experience? What type of doctor does this besides an anesthesiologist? I have never seen anything where the disc is injected with analgesics after the provocative portion is done. Is this not standard practice? I have a PPO. Do insurance companies normally pay and since I will be paying a copayment at minimum, what is the average cost? Any additional info anyone can help with regarding thoracic discogram or fusion would be greatly appreciated! I am looking for info specific to thoracic discogram and thoracic fusion. I am familiar with spinal fusion basics and have already had fusion at L4-5. Thank you!!

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I had a thorasic discogram done and about came off the table pain #10 on the 2nd hit but it didn't last. I wound up having T11-T12 fusion done from an old injury racing mx 30 yrs prior. I had an XLIF done and they never cut a back muscle so I recovered quickly. That was done in Oct '09. Well it's a little over 2 1/2 yrs and I started going back into spasms, severe pain by Jan '11. My fusion has caused me to loose close to 50% of the disc the next 5 levels up and I am in in just as bad if not worse shape now then I was before the fusion, pain and severe spasms everyday. I'd try every other option before fusion. Not many Docs you want messing with your thorasic as it is just not as simple or succesful or done as much as Lumbar and Cervical. I picked the best Doc but he had no control over how my spine would react. Good luck