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Pro active low income patient alternatives

Started by 100001174989781... on 01/08/2012 6:14pm

My name is Tina, I am 47 and living in some of the worst pain in my life. I have had 7 spinal surgeries, 2 cervical with fusion, and 5 lumbar with fusion (which did not take), rods that kept pulling free of the bone and which are now secured at the base of my spine, and it all started with a case of stenosis. I was around 30 and there were no alternatives given , just surgery, repeated until all stability was gone. I am resistant to taking all of the pain meds which are overprescribed, and because I am disabled and on Medicaid, my alternatives are slim to none. My health has really nose dived in the last year, all over body health is deteriorating so rapidly, and now I face the chance of a neuro-stim implant, this surgery is so important to me, this one could reduce the pain, but I have had so much work done that I am a high risk, I have had massive weight gain, depression, and other health issues stemming from long term chronic pain. I want this hardware OUT, they have ceramics to rebuild vertebrae, does anyone know of any alternative methods? I need a reduction in pain, and mobility again in my life. A lot of my problem is genetic, and I was a "blue collar" worker for years, due to lack of child support. I was so healthy, and I cannot accept that this will be the life quality that I have to live with. For all of you fellow sufferers, most people do not understand the life altering events that surround spinal problems like fellow sufferers, and my prayers are with you all. Tina

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i feel for you tina.
i hear the neuro-stim implant is to be top notch for pain.
but again you face the surgery.
since i became disabled do to my spondy.
i'm in shock of how many people around me are suffering from spinal problems.
from what you wrote seems you have more than enough surgeries.
wish i knew what i could tell you that would help.
try to keep searching the web for a different method for your back and neck.
i will pray for you.
i know the pain medication just sucks!
but if you can manage it in a way you can talurate it.
maybe it can give you some releaf of the pain.
believe me i hate taking the pills.
but some days i need to.
i hope you the best.
may the good lord take some of your pain and give you some peaceful days.
i know i haven't given you any help as in new methods for surgery.
but at least someone knows were you are in life and pain.
i've been there.
bless you and yours.