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Nerve Blocks

Started by moongirl on 12/16/2011 2:04pm

I am seeing a pain specialist and he is giving me nerve blocks for stenosis and a bad knee I have had reconstructive surgery on. I'd like to know if anyone on the site has had the nerve blocks. The pain has definitely subsided but I am hoping that I will not have to see the specialist once a week for the rest of my life for pain relief.

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i too have spinal stenosis and have had blocks done several times with either temporary or little relief.so i have decided not to continue something that A.gives temporary relief and could cause other problems by repeated use,as told to me by my dr.i now take meds to help with pain,but even that is minimal relief...im lost too!


I have had five selective nerve root blocks since early 2009. A doctor will only give you so many blocks per year. After my second block in 2009, I had a lam L3-S1 that did not eliminate all my sciatica. This year, I had a roto-rooter in September that got rid of all the leg pain. Earlier this month, I had a block in my neck and shoulder area. I am hoping that I don't need more surgery for my sore shoulder.