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C5-C7 fusion & foraminotomy 2008, have ongoing chronic pain issues....

Started by Goldie_10 on 11/27/2011 4:43pm

Unfortunately neither surgery helped the tingling in my left index finger, although hopefully it can't progress any further. Now I am having some noticeable shooting pains into my left hand fingers (primarily second & middle fingers) as well as my left index finger tremors/shakes, like after I carry anything more than a few pounds and sit down and put my hand down on a flat surface. It is pretty bad. That is new. I am currently trying out a TENS unit, not taking any regular meds which seem to mask the pain, never have found the real SOURCE of it~ have gone round & round with the doctors for 5 years. It all originally started as an overuse injury (yard work). I have a lot of muscle tightness in my left arm/shoulder/forearm as well... I heard that magnesium tablets are good for helping that.

Wondering if this is "normal" or if anyone has had a similar experience or any advice... like should I be headed back to my spine surgeon's office?!

Thanks, Goldie

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i have not had your type of fusion.
mine was a L4 stable and a L5 fusion.
but if your haveing tingling and tremors in your hands or arms.
it may be infamation around the nevrves comeing from your fusion site.
i have the same problems but i'm on mobic and gabapentin.
and it realy has help to stop this.
remeber you are still healing.
you heal from the inside out.
it will take a long time.
also if you are being to active.
this will cause it to flair up.
and yes see your doctor again.
he or she may put you on a new med that will be right for you.
there will always be some problems after any surgery.
its just figureing out how to treat the new problems.
don't give up.
keep at your doctor and try to take it easy if you can.
agian it sounds like inflamation to me.
hope this helps.


well, I have the same c-spine issues. I am aggressively resisting surgery til it becomes "medically neccessary" The nerves in your hand to your fingers are "split" in two parts. thumb thru half of ring finger is one "set" and half of ring finger and pinky is another set. I would go see a "hand doc" ortho guy that works mostly with hands. I have had similar probs with hands from working in a plastic factory and pther repeatitive jobs, and had carpal tunnel surgery done on both hands. go to a site that shows these different sets of nerves, it can also be an issue with the set that goes "thru" your elbow. ie: the pinky and half ring finger! try to pay attention to the other positions of your body when you are having finger issues. its weird, I know, but check a site that shows these nerves and it could help you figure it out. Good luck!!