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Rhizotomy for Thoracic spasms/pain

Started by 100000158136043... on 11/26/2011 6:34pm

I've had L5-S1 fusion April '09 and T11-T12 XLIF fusion Oct '09 yep 5 months (blew T11 and had 4 compression fractures racing MX when I was 20, just healed and lived with it) apart but after almost 6 months finally of being spasms free they came back with a vengence. I have been through the ringer after being told I didn't need surgery on my Lumbar and to just eat pain pils, alot of good that did. When I finally found a surgeon that well.....I know Docs read this stuff. Anyway I went back to my Nov '11) neurosurgeon in full lock down right side back spasms and even asked about a Rhizotomy, he said it didn't exist. I played the game of listening to the 1st surgeon that said eat morphine when in fact my L5 came out in 3 pieces so I had already sent my MRI out as I been in spasms for 9 months, everday by 1-2pm set my clock by them. I had seen the spine surgeon 5 months before (May '11) (they teamed up for my XLIF, hope you guys are following OK) and his said end plate bone and give it 6 months. I found a doc in SC that does thoracic Rhizotomy, packed my bags as he wasn't sure he could access me with my T11 plate. Gave me 8 facet injection PAIN/SPASMS FREE for 4 hrs and the spasms have calmed down by at least halfway with just the steroids Going back to get the Rhizotomy Dec 8th. I doubt I will ever pain free but guys don't ever take one Docs word. My Neurosurgeon helped NuVasive design their equipement so he's not exactly a rookie but to not even consider my facet joints when I am lockdown spasms to the point he could see the muscles tightened, it blows my mind.

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