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Hemangioma of the T2 vertebral body

Started by jclose522 on 11/03/2011 8:23am

I had an auto accident two months ago and been having severe pain in my back for months!!! The accident just did me right in! They found on my cervical MRI that I had several disc bulges impinging as well as arthritis in all joints and a Hemangioma of the the T2 vertebral body ! I cannot find any of my doctors to take this hemangioma seriously they all just dismiss it and say it doesnt cause pain how would they know Im the one in pain in the area where the tumor is! They have tried epidural injections and facet injections in the neck which really didn't take away the pain in the bra strap area!!! Right where the hemangioma is! I also have an autoimmue disorder (RA) and nobody even suggested a bone scan to make sure this thing is definitely benign since I take a bunch of meds for my autoimmue disorder! What type of doctor can I search to look into this tumor further!!!!! Any help would be appreciated! Thanks for your help! Joanne

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