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spondylosis - L5....really need advice, 25 and am going crazy :-/

Started by Jamjar2011 on 11/02/2011 8:53pm

Hi everyone,

Lying awake at approx 2am searching and hunting down info and well panicking at the same time! I am 25 and very active, play netball, in the TA, run, rockclimb anything and everything really, however at the moment I am suffering badly with back pain.

I spent 6 months of paying privately for physio to be told something different each time, I finally paid for MRI scans which confirmed I had spondylosis at the lumber part of my spine. Not sure if I was born with it or it occurred when I fell out of a tree when I was younger and landed on my coxyx from a great height!
So anyway I finally went to my doc and got referred to the physio (appt today) and luckily because I had my scans etc I didn't get the well we will try physio and see how u get on because I have been doing exercises for 6 months and still in pain.

My case is being taken to a conference where other physio's and surgeons will decide what to do with me, I am panicking because I want to know the options available and will it ever be ficed??!! I find out in 2 weeks and would love to hear from anyone who has had surgery etc?

I played netball tonight because I havnt trained in months and I'm desperate to train and now I'm currently in agony (have totally aggravated it but just give up)

My coxyx is sore and my Glutes are twitching like which makes me think that maybe the spondylosis has been there for yrs and isn't causing me probs but it's actually my coxyx? I get weird twingings in my sacrum area when I walk but not down my legs! Argh losing faith and don't know what to do .

Please if anyone is experiencing the same I would love to hear how ur coping or why they have done in terms of solving the problem.

Many thanks x

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You have spondylosis. My first suggestion is to read about it. Check it out here and search on Google. I would suggest that you cut back on your activies until you go to a qualifyed doctor. I suggest a Rehap MD as they can help you and suggest based on your condition what the best treatment plan would be. Stay away from surgency. It will change your life for ever. You might need to go to PT so they can work on the weak area. Usually the core. You might want to try Aqua therapy. There are many treatments that you can have done. Tingling in legs or arms usually refers to leg or neck problems.

That is why you need to get to the Rehab doctor who can ref you to the correct doctor.


Hi. I also have spondylosis. I have had 2 lower lumbar fusions done because of herniated discs and bulging discs. the pain is unberable still sometimes and my last surgery was in 2006. I have a plate and screws in still where they fused my vertabre together using bone grafts from my hips. I wish I had positive feedback to give to you.But in my case I don't. Have you had any therapy, or tried a tens unit to aleviate some of the pain? Please let me know what has been goin on with you. Maybe I can shed some light on the subject for ya.


hi jamiar first off i dont know if you have insurance or anything like that but the way i was looking at if any body was going to cut me open I was going to pick him. and I did and i think if i ever did it again I would pick him again first off my surgeon is in the hospital which is good first time i went to see him i had mris he looked at them and he told me what was wrong and he said no garentees . he said that I may even die. but i choose to have the surgery done. nov 28th 2011 when i come out of surgery I thought i was going to die. I got up the first day walked some i felt like i was run over buy a bull dozer. spent a week there and 3weeks in rehab then went home my bad pain went away. the more i walk the betr i feel. so thats about all i know my brace come off after four month my bones all one now. but if u do the operation my take longer and the games u are doing may half to be after thoughts,. ,


There is hope for you! I am now 59 and was diagnosed with AS 30 years ago. Please understand that the pain and inflammation is much worse at about the time of diagnosis. There is much more help now than there was when I was diagnosed. My son, 31, was just diagnosed after having intermittent symptoms for the past 10 years like you mention. He is now on Humira, as am I. It is helping him, but you have to help yourself too. My doctors tell me I have one of the worst cases of AS (for a woman), yet I raised 2 boys as a single mother, worked my way through graduate school, and am now a college professor (PhD.). I also remarried. I have had 2 spinal surgeries, one last month, and have tried just about every medication there is. I have done physical therapy all along. The best is pilates on the reformer table. I take 2 classes a week for an hour. The table allows you to exercise the muscles without straining the joints. It's a God send. Don't lose faith! Get determined if the doctors aren't moving fast enough for you. Join SAA (Spondelitis Association of America,www.spondylitis.org). Think about how you can make your life easier, rest when you need to, and stretch all day! You are not alone. Libbie


Please do your research for a Rheumatologist. The conclusive tests are easy. X-Ray of pelvis and blood test. Tell the new doc you suspect "Ankylosing Spondylitis" than he will have a clue. At the worst, these will confirm or rule out. If you do have Ankylosing Spondylitis, pain and stiffness of the back are main

I am now 70 and still pretty active. I was a dancer in high school when I had to drop out and just get bed rest . Worst thing to do. Try hot tub baths. Tylenol, take two every 4 hours until the new doc gives you the word.
It is progressive. At age 22 I had a lumbar fusion to create an "S" in my spine so I wouldn't stoop over.
The primary issue is the fusing of your spine.
Good Luck