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Posted in: Pain management.

Spinal Cord Stimulation......

Started by gray809 on 09/26/2011 2:11pm

Hello, I'm trying to find anyone who has experience itching, when he or she turn on the SCS.
I had it implanted in Jan 2011, and now when I turn it on, I began to itch real bad, down my
legs and back. If this has happen to you, please write me back. Saw my new Pain Doctor and
he say he has never known this to happen. So, I don't use it, but when I did it worked real
good. Thanks!!!!!

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HI GRAY< They want to inplant one on me but I opted for the exterior one,its built into a belt..expencive ,n yes it works. As far as ithching, u shouldnt see Pain Mgmnt doc . Yes it was good u brought it to his attention, I suggest seing ur primary, n him reffering u to correct physician,( if needed, it could b nothing).Hope u feel better .:) :) Might nedd to see skin doctor if red,to area n itching,, Primary should b able to steer u in right direction.good luck