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spine disease

Started by NurseSup on 08/30/2011 6:56pm

I have had 2 cervical fusions done. C4ad5 and C6and7. Bith keft me with neuropathy. I had the ulnar nerve removed in the left arm and that worked except for numb fingers. Then the pain returned and I had to have the nerve itself dealt with. I now have neuropathy in my right arm. I'm reluctant to have the specialized nerve block due ti a psychosi from the Solu Cotef that lasted a week. I CANT do that again. This past week, without cause I experienced unrlentless pain in my low back , across to both hips. I'm night Supervisor in nursing so I kept trying to go to work. I finally got to see my doctor on Monday and had xrays taken. She called today and left a message that the xray showes deterioration of L5 and S1. I have pain meds which almost take the pain awat but I can't work using them. Has anyone had treatment for this? Is there a brace you can wear. I'm 64 but I love working and need som,e advice

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Hi nursesup, welcome to the group. I too am a nurse my experience is in ortho for over 12 yrs, I had a 465lb patient fall on me causing 5 herniated discs, got cheated out of workers comp due to symptoms not starting till months after accident.I hav beeen out of work since Dec. u can read my story under RENE , i have 3 posted but visit the one with 11 or more replies, there u will find my suggestions and meds im on, after monts post surgery which was in March I too suffered w 24/7 pain,which id state to neurosurgeon an pain scale to b 200, (what 10) , the pain was off the charts, As off last week finally found releif using celebrex an a TENS unit, along w psycho Tx, because u get to the the point u think your loosing your mind. so again feel free to visit my site, would b happy to help in any way I can. Keep ur head up high, stay strong,keep serching for the correct doc that suites u, which is hard to find, (u should know that being a fellow nurse). A surgeon or reg phycian that has compassion,willing to spend time w patien, and wont make u feel like a marc abuser which as u read others postings we are all experiencing,(drug addicts) yet they have our MRI reports in front of them and should b more understand but there not. I wish u well. RENE :)