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Thoracic Outlet Syndrome (TOS) questions.

Started by maggie2q on 07/26/2011 7:42pm

I have recently been diagnosed with TOS in both shoulders (due to an auto accident several months ago). The neurologist told me there are 3 options: PT, botox injections and surgery. I have been in PT for several months, with symptoms only getting worse. Can anyone comment (from experience) on what to expect with botox injections and/or surgery? Of course there are neck and back issues as well but the TOS is in the forefront right now.

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Sorry for what your dealing with. I've heard that is very difficult to get that diagnosis, that it is very strange. I am not a doctor, but I think that you need to walk to oxigenate your body, watch funny movies, really look for opinions before surgery, I think surgery is last option. I fused my cervicals and wow I so much wish to turn back time. I think you could look for a diet that doesn't promote inflamation, arnica is a homeopathic good for traumas, but you have to ask your doctor. Please don't get obsessed with what is happening to you, if you get to much opinion you end up being this your accident, at least that is my story. You end up more confused than clear. Go to a doctor you trust, be careful with a chiropractor, I think that they are very good for some people,not everybody respond well.

How long since your accident? Lessions take time to heal, really they do. I don't know if maybe prolotherapy is an alternative to you. But please don't forget about your life. Medication after a period of time can be worst.

Ups you are doing PT, what do you do? You can just walk, or do standing bike, to oxygenate the body and move endorphins. Drink water. Surgery for what? Shoulders???? I don't know about that, I know two people that had it and did not go well. I did have a friend that had a loose ligament and they put it together with a material that desintegrates in the body with time, and he is good now. Check for this book the mindbody prescription. I know your pain is real, I know, but stress can complicate it.

So, inform yourself, but don't get crazy with information

Stay with a healthy diet and good sleep

oxygenate your body with exercise

Revise if there are things in your life that you don't like and you put up with it or do you have unfinished business. I am sorry is that for me I think my pain got worst because of anxiety, fear, breakup, no work. I think that as people did not believe me or were just telling me to be strong and move on my body yelled more so that people see I was not faking. I was so sad, I knew I had something, then I did so many analysis to check if I had lupus, fibro, MS... you name it, and what I did have was a herniated disc that cause a lot of anxiety, and medication make it worst, I confused medicine reactions side effects with myelopathy... it became a laberynth were I needed answers and a solution to be who I was.

I have a friend that was two years in pain, herniated cervical disks. She is now great, she did not have surgery the body heal itself but it took a lot of time.

I have another friend that had many falls and she had pain in her shoulderblades, neck, and , she could not lift things... she took therapy, she maintain focused in her things, she still have pain but she is much, much better. I really wish I would have waited like her. She has the symptoms of a herniated disc, or I guess that even the outlet syndrome, anxiety, sometimes is so confusing. Doctors try to do their best with their experience but they are not magicians. Maybe you can tale tai chi, paint something, ask somebody if you are married or have kids and if you like it to make you soft tickles, to caress you in a soothing way, this releases endorphins and relax you. I ask for that before my operation and it did relax me. Then I read a book of an orthosurgeon that suggest this. Have a great meal. Belief that you are going to heal and do no desperate. I am sorry I ended up talking about me me me. Hope I help instead of confusing you. I really don't know anything about botox. I do know about fear and about not knowing what to do.

Hope this help!