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Pain from Nerve Damage in legs

Started by southernlady1932 on 03/24/2011 6:32am

Born with Spina Bifida; doctor not knowing what it was sewed up hole in my mid-back. Had a scar on mid-back; however, no significant pain growing up except don't touch my mid-back as it would give me a terrible sensation as nerve pain. Led a normal life until I was 68 years old at which time my lower back and legs began hurting terribly. I could not stand or sat up without pain; would have to lay down to get relief. My medical doctor finally sent me to an orthopedic specialist who did an X-Ray and told me I had Spina Bifida and my spinal cord was tethered and it was all old damage. He told me if I did not have surgery to release my spinal cord I would be paralyzed from the waist down, in a wheelchair and lose control of my bladder and bowels within a couple of years. Referred me to a neurologist who agreed with his diagnosis and referred me to a Neuro-Surgeon. I had surgery at the age of 70 to release my spinal cord. The surgeon said I was a miracle walking. Shortly after the surgery I began having terrible pains in my lower back and legs such as muscle spasms, electro-type pains, constant pain which felt like the bone was hurting. I have gone to neurologist, pain doctors, therapy, had nerve block injections, taken many different medications and had a nerve test on my legs which determined I had nerve damage in my legs. I have been told by the doctor there is nothing they can do about the pain in my back and legs. Is there?

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I am brand new to this site, and this is the first post that I have read. You are right to wonder WHY Doctors basically ignore questions involving pain and muscle spasm. I have spent years asking, and being ignored. I go to an appointment, they ask if I have any questions. I ask about pain/spasm help and - WOW - they are off on another topic. I believe that Doctors are so scared of being sued, that they really do NOT want to prescribe anything that would be strong enough to help. Better we suffer, than they be sued. So, countless patients suffer needlessly (since there is usually treatment that would ease our plight). Shame on Doctors for letting you hurt for so long. I feel for you and share your anger. You (and all patients) deserve better. You are right to question this care (or lack of it), it is substandard, and I think that it all boils down to money - the Insurance Companies who won't OK the medication, and the Doctors who are CYA (cover your a**).


Hey folks........it's really very simple (well, not always) for those that have options. I have had back and neck problems for 35 years and now have DDD AND another bulging disc. Never accept treatment from doctors who are not interested in your well being!! For those of you who have let pain or meds take over your life, it is particularly difficult. I thank God ever day that I was an athlete (and still am) and never stopped being active, no matter how much it hurt, but then again, I do have a high tolerance for pain due to many many injuries and surgeries. As I am sure most of you are aware, movement is sooooo important in not letting these things take over your life. When I listen to the drugs you guys are on, I am in awe and wonder how you stay awake! Yes, I do take meds for back, leg and neck pain, but only when walking the dogs or a set or two of tennis doesn't help. I've had two back surgeries and multiple steroid injections, not to mention some occasional visits to the ER for my friend Demerol. But my greatest fear is becoming dependent like most of you are.....or more surgery (even though my others were fairly successful). Good doctors and a positive attitude, coupled with mild exercise can work wonders. Good luck all!