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MIS TLIF L4/5 failed-worse off after surgery! Need help!

Started by glo on 03/31/2018 10:29pm

Hello All

I'm new to this site and forum. I'd my MIS TLIF on L4-5 on Nov 6th 2017 for DDD, spinal stenosis and unstable spondylolisthesis(Grade 1). This is my first spine surgery and supposed to be a simple one but it lasted 8 hours instead of 3 with complications. I'd a dural tear on L4 and also soft bone so the left L4 pedicle screw wasn't quite secured per the surgeon. I woke up with a numbed foot from left knee to toes. I've groin pain on left all the way to front and side thigh. I have mild foot drop and knee buckled when stand/walk. I was in much less pain and NO numbness/weakness before surgery... :-(

2 months post surgery I started to have electric shocks from knee to toes. Sometimes they are debilitating and last for 6-8 hours long, especially at bed time. So I only have 2-4 hours sleep for the last 4 months. Surgeon told me to get back on my norco and double the dosage on gabapentin. Other symptoms I have are pin/needles, cold sensation and insect crawling on calf. I still have soreness and aches on left groin and thigh. I have trouble sitting or standing longer than 20 minutes due to sciatic pain on left buttock down to left calf. Any one have these kind of symptoms post-op? Please comment.

At my 3 months post-op, surgeon told me nerve is waking up causing the shocking pain. He ordered CT to check on bone growth but will not order EMG/NCS or MRI with contrast to check on nerve damages. Per PT, I have nerve damage causing dyfunction on the peroneal nerve and fameral nerve innervated by L4/5.

My 6 months post-op is coming up in late April. So far, all my issues and pain have not improved for the last 5 months, and they gotten worse at time. Any advices would be appreciated! thanks for listening!


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