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Posted in: Osteoporosis.

Numbness and Weakness in Legs

Started by SUNSHINE11 on 03/28/2018 12:18pm

Hi Guys

I had a Vit D3 test in October; it showed it was very low; I have Diabeties Type 2 and a J Pouch.

Any thoughts on the following, my MRI Report? What can I do, if anything?:-

There is reduced signal in the lower 4 lumber discs indicating dehydration and discdegeneration.

There also multilevel small degenerative osteophytes anteriorly on the vertebral bodies and there are reactive changes in the vertebral endplates anteriorly at several levels.

At L2-3 there is a very small disc protrusion extending posteriorly and to the right of the midline.

The disc impresses the thecal sac but does not apppear to encroach significantly on the exiting nerve roots or intervertebral canals.

And L3-4 and L4-5 there is diffuse broad-based bulging of the disc but with no focal herniations and no significant encroachment.

There are no other focal disc protrusions.

The lumbar canal is adequate and there is no spinal stenosis. There is no significant facet joint disease.

There are no vertebral compression or other bony fractures.

The distal cord and cauda equina are normal.

Many Thanks in advance.

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