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Spinal stenosis and fractured vertebrae

Started by Bobby4 on 10/19/2017 1:41pm

Where to start! About 2 months ago my 78 year old mum lifted a bag which pulled her back - then she got pain down one leg then the other - she was improving after a couple of sessions of Bowen treatment then sat on an upright chair at home and she was then in more pain the day after. After she became unable to bear weight on her legs we admitted her to hospital. She had scan and has stenosis and 2 and 3 vertebrae are fractured - she has onset of osteoporosis. 4 weeks later after the pain management team being unable to get her pain under control she is still in severe pain in her legs. She also has had X-ray on hips and pelvis and that was fine. The spine unit won't take her as they won't operate (they haven't seen her only the scan) and the orthopaedic ward wont take her either so she is on an elderly ward. She has no confusion at all. She has exercises to do in the bed each day and the physio is getting her to stand with Zimmer frame and do stepping - she is just about managing this. The doctor wants her to use a brace. Should I just wait for the pain relief team to try and get pain relief under control and the physio to continue to get her mobile - and not sure if brace a good thing - or should I get a spine specialist to see her privately - I know of one in our local area

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Hi, Bobby4--thank you for taking the time to post. We are so sorry to read about your mother's experience. It's incredibly hard to watch a family member in pain.

In response to your question, what would hold you back from doing both options? Your mother can still receive her current course of treatment to hopefully improve her pain control and mobility, but it's not a bad idea to also get a second opinion from a different spine specialist to ensure that the treatment approach you're following is the best one.

If you're unsure about bracing, we'd like to share more information to help you learn about this treatment. Here's a link to our Spinal Bracing Center: ( Spinal Bracing Center ).

We hope this information helps, and we wish you and your mother the very best!