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Loosing Hope

Started by 145764260091608... on 09/18/2016 9:24pm

Don't know where to turn to anymore . I have been diagnosed with osteoporosis in my 20s. That's when the bones started breaking. Ice head week over 40 broken bones now ribs, wrist, toes, getting worse to spinal fractures, shattered knees. I've seen multitudes of doctors. Not one had ever done a physical exam it MRI. Bone density scan is it. I currently have I believe new fractured in my lower 5 lumbars but the doctors said its a strain again without an evaluation. I can't walk or barely move. I was born with birth defects and have had problems with tumors since. Yet no research to see why. My done is so curved I feel I am being crushed. I'm having neurological issues and urinary and pain during bms. It's destroying my marriage, career, esteem, quality of life. The doctors just passed me around and not one will help. I don't want drugs, I want solutions. Or, just to disappear. I have insurance, why can't I find help?? I have ten years of history of doctors visits to prove I'm trying. Now all they see is the depression. Yes I'm depressed. I'm 40 in an 80 year old body that's killing me, my memory, heart. Every time I do anything something breaks and I'm the but of work jokes and my husbands frustration. Is this with hanging on for anymore.

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Hey there
Have you had a look at nutrition to help improve the density of your bone? Don't give up hope yet...you have put up a brave front to have come this far...if you are keen to modify your diet there are some foods you could try to incorporate into your daily regime that could help you become stronger, bone-wise, and some foods to avoid.
I share your pain..I am in my late 40's with my second spinal compression fracture of T12, the first spinal fracture on my L1 was sustained 21 years ago, but both from accidents. I am due for a bone scan soon as the doctors think I may have osteoporosis . Did the scan give you the information you needed , that is, tell you what minerals you were lacking in?


I am new here, I just wanted to say how sorry to hear of the pain and depression your having. I wish I had advise or could offer more, but I don't know what I could say except, I hope you can find a Dr to help and start getting better! Please don't give up. Prayers!


I too am sorry to hear about your struggles, nobody should have to suffer.

Have you tried reaching out to any of the research type hospitals? Try sending an email to UCDavis, USC, etc? Maybe even send something to Shriners even though you're not a child, they may know of someone to refer you to....just a thought and certainly worth a try!



Don't lose hope. I have got over epilepsy (I would have had osteoporosis myself by now if I hadn't given up the medications!), a wrong diagnosis of schizophrenia in 1973 (this was, I discovered from careful research, to be several problems all rolled into one, including a diet lacking in brain nutrients, !) I had a blow to my knee in 1980 which finally led to a prolapsed disc and much pain until I started having Bowen Therapy. This gets me out of pain usually for a month or so! - I have booked a session with a Healing Yoga specialist.) In 2011 I was diagnosed with myelofibrosis - officially incurable and, they suggest, a five-year life expectancy! "Blow that!" I thought and went straight to the alternative and very high doses of vitamin C plus a number of other supplements. (I make my own liposomal vitamin C - see youtube). Along with a number of others on Cancer Compass I am improving my 'figures' we compare and use similar protocols.

OK, different problems but the principal of saying "where there is a problem there may be more than one cause and so more than one solution!" Is useful.

I have always found Dr Mercola to be very highly informed and completely trustworthy. Do look on his website and don't be afraid to work out a strategy of input, good practice and a determination to improve bit by bit.


Very best of luck,
Roger (Violinist, not health professional)