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Disc narrowing from c4 down with anterior disc margin hypertrophy I welcome answers from all walks of life.

Started by SoverLT on 12/19/2011 5:15am

As the title says, it is what the xray report reads, and it goes on to state.
As well as posterior disc margin spurs.
Uncovertbral joint spurs are encroaching up to on the exit foramina at c4 - c7 bilateraly.
Aside from facet joint degeneration at c3-c4, c4-c5, c5-c6 and c6-c7 on the left and right other findings are unremarkable.

About two years I lost feeligs in the baby, next finger and half of the middle on my left hand wich progres to severe clawing, loss the function of baby and next finger and partialy the middle finger.

Question, can this be related and where might I find photos of what it looks like, my spine, also can any one explane what xray report means all the doctor would say is severely degenerated with extreme ostioproses.
His recomendation is massage and physio therapies.

They said it's covered by MSP but I need to bring $ 20.00 , something I can't afford since no one will hire me and I had to go on welfare because in BC not being able to work does't wake for a qualifier for disiabilty.

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Sounds like you might have 'Spinal stenosis" as Disc narrowing usually means that.. If your insurance covers it, try PT "aqua therapy. Doing gentle exercises in the water to gain core strength. Then land exercises You should be taking an anti-inflammatory . medications.

I have a sever level of Spinal Stenosis in my neck and lumber. Trust me I have been down this road.

You might also want to try MRI this will give a better look at you c-spine.

It helps to give your age group when you list your problems. If your doctor is a specialist you can request all office notes on your situation.
If you are not going to a specialist perhaps you should consider a REHAP doctor who is a specialist in the spine.

Do a search in Google for "lost feeling in fingers" ..comes back with a lot of possibilities.
If you focus on the neck... Pressure on the nerves of the spine, such as from a herniated disk
This is where your doctor skills to interrupted the diagnosis to tell you what it is and what the best treatment plan is,


I am fifty two