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nerve problems after fracture of T12 and what nerves are located at the T12

Started by chris veteran on 03/14/2011 9:25pm

I fractured my back at the T12 and since have had a it fixed but I am still having problems. I have been trying to find out what nerves come from the T12 and what they control. I also have had three mini strokes since 2009 i'm sure the strokes have nothing to do with the back fracture but I keep having nerve spasums from my back and am trying to find as I said what nerves come from the T12 can anyone tell me?

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In 1991 I had an acute compression fracture of T-12 which causes bladder/bowel problems, i.e., a lack of sensation, incontinence and also the reverse - my bladder would get so full (without me knowing) that at times I have trouble standing up. I have nerve damage to both legs, the first EMG dr told I was lucky not to have cut the nerve to my left leg, not sure if this is still why my leg is slow but I had an SSEP (sp?) & was told there was a block in the signal (spinal compression) from my brain to my leg. I can't feel hot/cold water on my back from fracture site down. All of this from a 3-4ft fall on my butt which subluxated my tailbone, knocked the air out of me and fractured the T-12. I have severe pain, spasms, and now have spondylolethesis (sp?), kyphosis, lordosis, worsening scolosis, stenosis at all 3 levels. It's been over 20+ years, I suffer everyday. I sure hope your surgery works. Try to keep active, I was put on bed rest several months after the fall and it just made me worse. My dr's didn't understand my pain... I kept thinking I would improve, duh. I'm seriously going to look into a pain pump soon. This is just me letting off steam, I hope I haven't scared you. I gotta go try to get my nightly two hour nap i., sigh....


Hey Chris, you were asking about the nerves from the T12? I also fractured my T12 and shattered my L1 in 2004 I have had 3 surgeries the last one was putting a cage from my L2 to my T12. I have lots of nerve pain and for me it wraps around my left hip and into my left side of groin it feels it feels numb to the light touch but any pressure is extremley painful. I get lots of dull aching pain down my left leg as well. My only advise to you from my experience is keep your weight down and exercise lots keep your core muscles strong. I also have severe kyphosis of the spine which I was told to prevent it from getting worse exercise is the best. Unfortunately we were given circumstances that create a TON of pain but we need to help ourselves to live the best life we can. I wish you all the best and hope you find some relief.