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Started by jdevon on 02/12/2010 6:51pm

My mother just called to tell me she has osteoporosis adn it's in her spine too. I don't know much / anything about this problem. Can you help?

1. Will it get worse?
2. What can she do to make it get better?
3. What type of doctor should see about it? Is going to her GP ok, or does she need to see a bone doctor (orthopaedic I suppose?).

4. There are some ads I've seen for a drug about osteoporosis, and I can't remember the name. there's a famous actress in the ad...Sally Fields? Meg Ryan? Anyone know what ad it is and what the drug for osteoporosis is?

Thanks...any help woudl be great 'cos at this moment i'm CLUELESS!!!!

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I was diagnosed with osteoporosis 2 years ago. It's in my hip only.

Yes, it can get worse due to life-style and eating habits.

First, my ob/gyn was managing it, but after a minor side-effect of the drug he had me on I ended up in the hospital with pulmonary thrombosis. So now I'm on a blood thinner for the clots, and the Boniva injections for the osteo. And now it's my GP who is managing it with me.

Your mom needs to get with her doctor, NOW.

Due to the drugs, some minor changes in my eating habits and going OUT and exercising, my past two bone scans have shown improvement and I may not have to be on drugs a year from now.