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Posted in: Neck pain.

Neck Pain for over 25 years any help would be greatly appreicated

Started by g2murthy on 11/27/2020 9:17am

Three Kinds of Neck pain I get (Left and right side of the neck and does not go down the arms)

Type 1
.I have stiff neck, vomiting, and light hurt my eyes, pain comes once in 6 months and pain goes away after a night sleep(Blurred vision and Stiff neck).This was the kind of initial neck pain it started with and the first episode was at the age of 12 and in the initial 5-6 years used to get this kind of pain once in 2-3 weeks and gradually improved to once in 6-12 months

Type 2.
The pain is be short-lived, come and go, or become constant. (The frequency of pain is unknown it can come anytime). Goes away after taking pain killers and night sleep

Type 3. In the year 2016 mattress started causing neck pain- I get sore/ stiff neck (also neck pain switching between both the sides mostly right side) and kind of vomiting sensation/discomfort in the body (Had to change mattress and pillow every 2-3 months)
Not sure how to describe the pain
Sharp, shocking or stabbing pain in one spot or multiple spot both right and left side

Some of the activities that causes neck pain
1. Use a headset
2. Drinking cold and ICE water
3. Wearing a hat
4. Sleeping (Tried numerous mattress and pillows)
5. Any activity that puts pressure on the neck.
6.Going out in the Sun causes neck pain

Conditions Treated
1. MRI REPORT – Treated for mild disc bulge no improvement
Mild disc degeneration C4-5 and CS-6 .
2.Occipital neuralgia neck pain - Treated for Occipital neuralgia no improvement
3.Pinched Nerve – Treated for pinched nerve(Physical Therapy and Neck Exercise)
4. Meningitis – Scan done and no Meningitis
5.Vitamin B12 and D was very low – Pain level got reduced after improving B12 and D level but pain coming back again.

Treatments tried.
1. Physical Therapy and Neck exercise (On Going) – No improvement
2. Chiropractic treatment (8 Months) – No improvement
3. Acupuncture (10-20 Sessions) - No improvement
4. Ayurveda - No improvement
5.Yoga, meditation and exercise (On Going) - No improvement

The following tests have been done.
• X-rays
• Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)
• Electromyography (EMG) & NCV
• Meningitis

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