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Hand and arm still numb after c4-c7 fusion

Started by Corxxgold on 08/01/2019 12:23pm

Hello, I had multi level acdf surgery c4-C5, C6-C7 about 8 months ago. When I woke up from surgery my left hand felt great ( a little numbness in pinky finger) and the pain along my left arm was gone. My right arm is a different story. I still have numbness in most of my fingers especially my index finger and thumb. I also have alot of numbness in my right forearm and right shoulder. Before I had surgery my right arm was a burning numbness that was so hard to deal with, now it's just numbness like its asleep. The dr's tell me it could take up to a year for the numbness to go away. I feel like it's not ever going to be normal. I had all my follow up appts and it all shows the fusion look great. Any advice out there to keep me positive I want to feel my hand again

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Hi there. I had the exact same surgery dec 2018. I still have numbness in both hands and have awful neck pain that I did not have before surgery. My dr has told me everything looks great but I know I'm not imagining this pain. My advice would be to get a second opinion. That's what I plan on doing. Stay positive and fight to find answers.
God bless,