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Posted in: Neck pain, and Spinal stenosis.

Could It Be The Cervical Spine? Please Help!

Started by dickson89 on 04/08/2019 3:55am

Hi, I'm a healthy 29 year old with no past illnesses or family history of diseases. About a month ago I started having odd and funny sensations on my face, along the jaw line and sometimes the cheek area. It comes and goes intermittently and randomly throughout the day with no pin-point trigger actions. I'll try my best to describe the feelings:

- A hairstrand brushing on the skin giving tickling sensation
- Felt as if my face has passed through a spider web
- Felt as though mini bugs are crawling on the skin
- The jaw felt odd (mixture of muscle soreness and very minor electric current)
- Tingling but only on the top of the nose

I have no other issues besides these weird sensations that is giving me anxiety because it affects my overall quality of life. I have no history of anxiety disorder and I'm not going through a stressful period in my life. I've done blood tests, nerve tests, ECG, CT, Echogram and everything came back normal. Diabetes, MS, Fibro, Hypothyroidism, neuro disorders are all ruled out. No circulation or heart issues. No deficiencies of vitamin B12, vitamin D, magnesium, potassium or iron. For further investigation, MRI of the brain, cervical spine and lumbar spine is requested.

Brain MRI: Normal with no issues.
Lumbar MRI: Mild intervertebral disc prolapsed of L4/L5 but no obvious loss of high signal of the disc on T2WI.
Cervical MRI: Mild disc prolapsed of C3/C4, C4/C5, C5/C6 and C6/C7 resulting in minimal anterior theca sac indentation. Loss of cervical lordosis (flat neck) due to muscle spasms.

With all the results, my GP and neurologist haven't got a clue but stated that the closest possibility causing this issue could be coming from the cervical spine. I was given Neurobion and Lyrica for 2 weeks but it did not help.

I really don't know what to do next to treat my symptoms. Could it be some minor nerve entrapment somewhere in the neck though I don't have dizziness or vertigo? Could it be TMJ though I have no jaw pain and swallowing difficulty?

Can anyone here particularly those that have similar symptoms or have extensive knowledge about spinal and nerve health share some opinion on my issue?

Thanks so much in advance.

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I had C3-C6 done in 2006. I did everything the Neurosurgeon Dr. Tyler Koski, Northwestern Medical University Hospital in Chicago told me to do. If you do this, you absolutely MUST follow instructions. I've not worked since.
After 13 years, my headaches have slowly increased with time, but the dangers of paralysis have not happened. Also, I had a T8-L4 done by one of these orthopedic cowboys in Dec. 2002. What a mistake that was. Because of his screw ups, that caused the rest of my spine to almost fail totally. I went to 5 different professionals and even Mayo Clinic after that for help. NOT ONE would tell me it was done wrong. Then, almost after the statute of limitations was over, a Doctor from Mayo that I never met called me and ordered a MRI because he was one of those that "followed up after and reviews patients records." Yeah, and I have seaside property in Kentucky... Anyway, I had several refer me to Dr. Koski during the last few months. He does 300-500 fusion repairs a year. Go figure he'd be referred to me. Anyway, I hope you pay attention to this.

Everything done to me after was important to save my life. C3-C6; T7-S1 with two pedicle bolts from S1 to my hips. Yeah, now I have a cadaver bone for C3-6 with 6 screws and a titanium plate in my neck from the front. I threw up buckets of blood after that surgery. Spent a long time in the hospital, and my wife got help to cover the hotel/meals expense from my family. That was Spring 2006. April/May 2007, yeah it takes that long to be ready for the next part, he removed all the bad hardware. Then he stopped because of a trophin release until I was stable (a week in ICU while disconnected in the spine). Next he actually cut out T12-L1, and tried to realign my spine, and installed the new hardware. After a couple weeks, I was sent home to recover. This was not easy. I required care at home, and my wife or in law was there all the time to help me. I cannot say it loud enough to do what you are told to do. Then, May 16, 2007, he went in from the front and finished fixing L4-S1 issues. The nerves damaged during this continue to be an issue.

All that was 13 years ago. It took a long time to recover, and I will never fully return to what was before the first. I tried to bring a suit, but these legal statutes of limitations prevented anyone from helping me. Plus, all the locals + Mayo wouldn't buck up and help me until afterwards. I'm on disability and actually almost went bankrupt because Social Security kept denying me. Dig this, the original surgeon signed the paperwork to help me get on it, and told me to go lie down on a beach somewhere. Anyway, I was told to contact my Federal Rep. Fred Upton. His office helped me to get it. You are way too young for this to happen. Alright, that's the history. Now on with the present.

Now, the headaches have grown to nonstop. My local MD has referred me to a local neurology a week ago. I've not heard back from them, but trust me that I will not stop until I get an answer. I was warned that this headache may happen by Dr. Koski. At this point, if I don't hear back in the next few days, I'll be a real pain in the butt and will get these pros practicing medicine to help me. You have to do the same.

Dr. Koski figured out what's wrong by running his ID card and pen across the bottom of my foot. It's called Babinski's. Look that up and ask if you have it.

Finally, do not let some orthopedic cowboy or anyone else mess with your spine, especially your cervical.... My fingers on my hands tingled, but my elbow funny bone felt like I smacked it really hard all the time. Pain management gave me all kinds on powerful drugs, plus neurontin (I'll never take that crap again), and injections to try and mask it. Yeah, I was on all that junk for a very long time - like decades. I've been off all that for 8 years, and taking buprenorphine hcl sublingual tablets since then. Yes, I had to go through the suboxone start after a day of withdrawals. Man was that horrible.

My prescription drug plan doesn't cover it. I've been using goodrx.com for that and other meds. Get the app, it's a good one to have. I'm almost off it altogether now, but cannot stop taking it because of this headache now. I'm using one 8 mg a day, but I break it into 3rds. This is suboxone generic, and probably the best pain med I've taken in all this. For sure, my brain is more clear and awake then all the garbage they pushed on me before. Pain management for the chronic pain is a joke.

My nonprofessional opinions are simple. First, get a neurosurgeon with the absolute best like Dr. Koski. I don't trust these guys. They are only practicing. Get someone that does this day in and day out. Dr. Koski's response to me was like a homerun. "I repair 300-500 fusions a year from these orthopedic cowboys." He also told me about some neuro folks, but since I might be going to one here soon for help with this constant headache, I'll keep my my shut.

Here's one thing that's like the most important thing I can ever tell you or anyone facing this journey. God is first. My family and friends are second. I am third. If you are not a born again believer in Jesus, you are going to need Him more than you will ever know. This is not easy and I believe without His help through all this, I'd be gone a long time ago already. I don't care what others say, I cried out to Him for help so much through such painful days and night, Thank God He helped me through it. Nurses almost killed me on at least 3 different times. My wife showed up right on time, but prayers ... Somebody that you trust must be there to make sure everything is going right. This is a big deal. Don't screw around and do anything stupid. Always, and I mean always, ask questions, get help when you think something isn't right, and have a power of attorney for medical help with someone you trust will always be there to help!.

If you go through this, let me know and I'll be praying for you.