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ACDF C4 C5 C6 fusion

Started by Barb2208 on 04/01/2019 8:04pm

Does anyone have good results to share with this surgery?
I am scheduled in April to have the same surgery Payton Manning
Had (this is what the doc said) and I need to hear that
Someone/anyone had good results! Anyone?
I’m ready to cancel after reading all the people on here
With nothing good to say about it!

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Hi Barb,
I may be a little late in answering your question. I had a 4 level C3 thru C7 acdf done on 4/3/19. Top notch surgeon, Dr. Lon Baronne in Lafayette, LA did my surgery. He is awesome, and a great PA Aaron! The surgery was not bad at all. I never took any pain meds except ES Tylenol. I was in the hospital overnight, and came home and slept on my leather couch since. It works perfect for me and I have an ottoman I use to stretch my legs. I'm still on the couch! Besides the normal sore throat for a few days and soft diet, I was back to eating a normal diet within a week. I have had extreme bouts of nausea, but was given an RX for it. Everyday gets a little better. Anyway, I'm 2 months post-op today and overall doing okay. I'm not in my Aspen hard collar anymore since my check-up last week. So things are starting to heal. I wear the bone stimulator 30 minutes a day. No PT just yet. The real reason I joined the forum today is due to some major stiffness, and bone popping and grinding in the area they worked on. SCARED ME TO DEATH! I just called the Dr.'s office and they want to see me at 8:00am tomorrow just to check make sure everything's okay. I have never had to call or go to ER since my surgery. I have followed Dr.s orders to a "T" and I know that it will be a long process as far as the healing goes, but what is the lesser of the two evils...compared to the pain I was experiencing prior to surgery. My motto..PAIN TRUMPS FEAR! Hope to hear if you actually went through with the surgery. You stated that your Dr. said you would be having the posterior approach, that is what Payton Manning had. They went in from the back of the neck. Mine was anterior, incision on front of neck. I wish you the best, and hope things go well for you. Keep us updated on your decision and/or progress.