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Posted in: Neck pain.

Increased neck pain after 18 years of fusion

Started by Ringz77 on 03/04/2019 9:10pm

I had a skull to C4 fusion in 2001. I’ve had skull/neck pain since, but in the last 6 months it has gotten so much worse. Has this happened to anyone after 10+ years? I thought the pain would stay same or get better, not worse. Just feel depressed (feeling sorry for myself) and wanted to see if other people could relate. I do not know anyone who has had a fusion so not sure who else to ask or if this is the appropriate way to ask. I’m new on this site, just wanting to talk to people who can relate.

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I had c5/6 fusion with artificial disc placed at c7 in 2011 at the age of 47. My pain has increased more and more since then and now experiencing crunching at level above fusion. Have occipital neuralgia from getting whiplash in 1995 and not getting help with the pain so got occipital nerve damage, muscle damage. found surgeon and had surgery in 2011. Had nerve decompression surgery in 2012 and another in 2013. Each time pain gets worse. Had to retire early due this disabling pain. I've tried to find others who experience this pain like I do. No one seems to understand. I'm not a crybaby, have a high tolerance for pain but this is exhausting to deal with and I have pity parties sometimes for myself and my life changes