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Posted in: Neck pain, and Whiplash.

Neck Hyperflexion?

Started by ikonik on 01/29/2019 1:21pm

About three weeks ago I suffered what I think is neck hyperflexion. My symptoms included: experiencing limited range of mobility in the neck, similar to a stiff neck (I now have almost full range of mobility in my neck). I had a lump sensation in my throat immediately after the injury which is now gone. I feel like I can still see swelling in my left collarbone area but I can just be paranoid because when I have other people look at it they don't notice anything abnormal (I heard a popping noise there kind of like I cracked my knuckles). I have no pain any where but when I'm in bed my neck it feels slightly strained, however last night I noticed that feeling was hardly there. When I drink, if I drink aggressively like tilting my head all the way back, it aggravates it and I get a choking feeling, but even that has improved. I'm wondering if I can start working out again, obviously not at 100% but starting light. I will see a Dr. when I'm fully better to make sure I'm ok to fully lift again but I want to see if I can do some light work now since I'm mostly healed.

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