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Cervical stenosis pain

Started by Clrpa 1 week 6 days ago

Physical therapy for shoulder I believe “woke up” cervical stenosis. Pain is chronic for 4 weeks. But last week it shifted from muscle spasms to spine pain. I was just given a diagnosis 3 days ago so I don’t know all the lingo. However md said from mri results there is lots of arthritis in cervical area and stenosis (narrowing/pinching?) in spinal column and lateral stenosis from 2 areas (I think 2 and 3 and 4 and 5.... not sure). Anyway the pain that I would periodically have for 20 years which would be relieved with massage or chiropractic treatment.). It’s now become chronic 24 hours a day except for a few hours when I wake up and I’m lying flat on my back. When I get up and start walking I’m only good for about 30 to 45 minutes. Then I have to take a on my back break every and lie on my back every 15?min or so. I can only stand with my my chin to my bent to my chest.

Going to pain management md tomorrow but does anyone have suggestions? Have tried some Drugs in the last few days and nothing is helping.

Thx.... I appreciate your feedback.

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By the way I’m 64 and am self employed. By 5 pm I am flat on my back again until the next day. Not running my business for this long is not financially helpful.


I also have cervical stenosis. Had all injections in left neck C4-5-6-7. ALSO had Radio frequency ablation in these 4spots. NO RELIEF. Last week had MRI done on cervical area, found I had nerve impingement on C3-4. narrowing of spinal column in this area. Talked to my md today. We are now going to do a nerve block on C4, Pain right now at about a 9. Will see what results are on this procedure. Have not been on any pain medications so far. My pain management team seems to believe that eventually we will hit on something that will work. I know what you are going through. sometimes you think the pain will never end. I hope your appointment goes well, please let me know if you find out anything.