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Neck fusion C-4 C-4

Started by Screenpea on 05/14/2018 12:11am

Hello all .
I had a spinal neck fusion of C-3 to C-4 in January 2007 .
The surgery was needed due to a work injury. The damage to my spine was not found for 8 days, So I also had spinal cord damage too. Do to the construction of the spinal cord. The first repair used donor bone from a cadaver. It didn't work and had to be replaced 4 days later, the donor bone broke. The second Surgery used Steel and The Surgery went well. And I have recovered. I still suffer with numbness of both of my feet, and of both of my hands. I was just wondering how many years, Can the repair last as long as there is no other injury to the repair, site? I am now 62 years old and the Surgery was 11 years ago.

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