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C3/4 Facet Joint Injections

Started by LucyB on 09/11/2017 9:09pm

I've had 2 injections and shoulder numbness is better, but I had a weak voice after the first shot and keep feeling the need to clear my throat. Anyone else have similar symptoms? I asked doctor and he said be sure to drink a lot and I have, but it doesn't seem to help.

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Hi, LucyB--thank you for your post! We are happy to hear that your injection has successfully reduced your shoulder numbness and that you already approached your doctor about this possible side effect. How many days have you experienced these vocal/throat changes? If they stick around a few more days, bring it up to your doctor again.

Though you've already undergone the treatment, we'd like to share some information on facet joint injections with you:
( Cervical Facet Joint Injection Information )
( Facet Joint Block Animation )

Keep your doctor posted on whether these new symptoms persist. In the meantime, we hope you continue to experience reduced numbness and pain!


MRI of my neck shows arthritis in facet joints as well as some disc degeneration. My dr. has recommended a medial branch ablation at c4-c6. The initial MBB gave relief from neck pain at the center of my neck for about 5 hours. Is a facet joint injection a better option?

I also got some relief from 4 OMM treatments, but neck pain is still in the 4-5 range on 10 point scale.