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Nerve pain after c5-7 fusion and spinal cord decompression

Started by RobinSteury on 06/22/2017 8:22pm

I'm four months out from surgery. Structurally I'm healed and MRI shows spinal cord decompressed. I've never been able to really recuperate like I should have with 4 kids and my house on the market. This happened so fast and at a bad time. I'm glad surgery went well and healed but now I have pain along back of neck and up side of head. Sometimes pins and needles all over my arms. It was recommended I get a massage and I did. Now I'm so flared up I'm miserable. Anyone over due it and have this happen? What did you do?

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Hello, RobinSteury--thank you for your post! We are sorry to hear about the nerve pain you're experiencing after your cervical spine surgery.

While we're not doctors, we're seeing a lot of good news from your post. First, your MRI results are key to showing the success of your surgery. That is excellent that it shows that your spinal cord is decompressed and that your fusion is healing. You may need more time before you reach a full recovery, though--do you have other follow-up appointments scheduled with your surgeon?

In terms of the pain you've experienced after your massage, it's worth giving your doctor a call if the pain doesn't subside within a few days. Sometimes, your muscles can feel sore a day or two after a massage, but if you still feel awful days later, call your doctor. He or she knows your case best, and will let you know if you need to come in.

Spine surgery recovery can be a bumpy road, but it sounds like you're healing well. With a little more time, we hope you'll be in less pain and feeling better than you did before surgery. We wish you the very best!