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Neck pain

Started by Branbran on 05/21/2017 6:12pm

So I had cervical fusion on C5&6 back in 2012. This morning I woke up w severe pain on the right side with and can barely run my neck! I have plates , screws, and cement in my neck!!! What could be causing this pain!!! It's not a crick in my neck for sure!!!

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Hi, Branbran--thanks for your post! We are sorry to hear about your neck pain--that's definitely not a good way to start the day.

While we're not sure what could be causing your severe pain, we generally think any bout of severe back or neck pain should be checked out by your doctor. Perhaps you just slept wrong the night before, as this article explains: ( Waking Up with Back Pain? ). But, if it's something more, it's best to have a doctor see you sooner rather than later.

In the meantime, here is a simple exercise that might help reduce your neck pain.
We hope it helps! ( Neck Pain Exercise Video: Side Bending )

Keep us posted on how you're doing--we hope you get some relief soon!