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Posted in: Neck pain.

Have a c4-c6 fusion, now need a c2-c4

Started by 477733389100845... on 07/17/2016 1:38am

I have a c4-to c6 fusion in 2011 and to honest my experience was very good. When I wake-up from surgery I feel most of my fingers and my toes. And I guess feel so good that I abuse my luck. Now 5 year later my headache and neck pain are killing me. At my last CT and MRI find out my c2-c4 need fusion too. But I'm very scare now and undecided what to do, will love to hear some experience please.
My quality life is changing very rapidly .

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I had c-3 through c-7, multi level cervical fusion, with metal plating and bone graph. I LOVED my neurosurgeon, and totally trusted he was the right doctor for me. I think if you have doubt you need to interview the doctors you go to. I went to 4 other neurosurgeons before I found the right one. Some of the doctors just do not have the care or empathy and trust is one of the important components for successful surgery. I was also a smoker, until I quit for a year I was not a candadit for surgery. So this was om 2011, and as far as pain goes, thats not why they normally do the surgery. I was told it was to prevent me from being crippled. My spinal cord was being compressed.

I also would like to ask you do you have the numbness only in the fingers? If so, ask the question to the doctor, DO I NEED surgery or is it for the pain that they suggest it. I would say if I had to do it all over again, I would, except for the fact that they have moveable discs and that is far more comfortable on the neck. Necks being designed to bend, a fusion puts all the weight of the head so its far more ridgid. So I still have pain, somedays are worse than others. I hate the pain, and pain pills do not help considering the pain I have. I am young and feel like my neck and back made me a recluse. I hope this helps. Good luck and when in doubt, leave out. You should not feel scared. I would of never done the surgery with fear.