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Neck pain

Started by 102050889959047... on 07/01/2016 1:46am

I have had neck surgery last year on may 20 neck infusion I should say on one of my disc can't remember which one still had major pain third opinion in got other dick so I believe c5to c7 totally got confused together. Any ways second surgery has not helped migraines nerve pain down left arm swelling pain on baseof neck talked surgeon today n when discussing pain after a few minutes of surgeon n I talkin it became a fighting match cause he said I was crazy as I tried to show him the swelling his final words gav me mucle relaxers that dontt work n ibrophen I mention the cercial die that will show him where pain was coming from n he refused no MRI either wrote scipts n I said when will be next appointment he said three months I also have to ad I did try physical therapy n it made more pain. I'm so angry with the medical doctors in Erie n Pittsboro they seriously do not care meanwhile I am back to square one finding a physician that will help. does anyone know anyone in Erie PA that can help I seriously don't know how much longer I can handle it I have upmc for u and its medicaid insurance maybe that's u I can't get proper healthcare does anyone have any information that can help or surgeon that has a heart n doesn't call me names like I'm crazy which I am not.

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