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C3-C4 Discectomy without fusion

Started by AMMOTED on 06/10/2016 2:59am

I have looked for hours for accounts of typical recovery for discectomy without fusion and really haven't found anything. Should I be worried my Neurosurgeon did not perform fusion when she found calcification on the disc she removed? Whats the recovery expectations for a Discectomy without fusion. I am 4 weeks post surgery and for the most part feel better and more mobile than prior to surgery however I am cautiously optimistically because I know some portions of my neck are completely numb due to the surgery, I am hoping its the just the skin. If giving the clearance I am ready to get back on my motorcycle.

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I'm probably no good for this but I'm hoping someone will replay or maybe I can help or be helped! Listen I sound crazy already! I had a cervical level 1 surgery for C-4 and 5 without fusion. Anyway I had a plate put in my neck due to a hit and run accident that happened Jan 2015...I didn't have surgery until Dec 2015 due to all insurance playing "we don't want you getting it" finally since they never caught the guy, I had to use my insurance and thank God I had enough on it. I'll make this quick. I'm in more AGONY in my shoulder and right arm than I was before the surgery. My doctor never did an MRI of my shoulder or right arm at the time. I never saw him until the night before the surgery, only his PA's!!! I did my follow ups after and all he kept saying with his 2 min post op visits was, "your neck looks great!" I told him I'm not asking about the neck! I'm asking why I no longer can write, draw (I'm an artist) drive, work anymore, or pick things up with my right hand. The pain when I'm reaching feels like I have a 'Charlie horse' running through my arm!! It's so intense that it is about an 8 every day! I have no pain management because the Dr was going off my insurance with attorney lieu and he's done! He did his job! Now my lawyer wants a second opinion and last month he needed info sent, and may be sending me to a shoulder surgeon. The previous Dr gave a me a bone stimulator but I won't use it anymore, he wants me to use it for a year!! I want to be without pain and I'm sick of it! I'm depressed, I have no quality of life and to top it off my husband is disabled, long story and it's my job to take care of him! My kids are grown and no where near here!
Does anybody have any ideas on why I could be going through this and does anyone think the neck surgery shouldn't have been performed and I should have had a MRI of my shoulder and right arm?!

I hope someone reads, has had the same issues and if they can give me advice. The PA from the surgeon thinks Ultram will take care of my pain!! That crap is like buffered aspirin!! Any help will help me feel like I'm not alone...

Thank you
DJ 'hurting and upset'