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Posted in: Neck pain, and Spinal stenosis.

Cervical disk replacement recovery

Started by 128722830462553... on 04/10/2016 7:36pm

I am recovering from cervical disk replacement c4/5 and 5/6. Going on week 7. For most part I believe it's going well. Doing physical 2 times week My question is I have pain at base my scull and neck not real bad but uncomfortable Is this normal. Also I am surprised at how long incision is. It's extends right below my jaw down about 23 or 4 inches. Is that normal

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Hi Kim I'm 5 weeks post op as of yet I'm not doing any pt I see my ns on the 22nd but I'm not getting any pain at the base of my skull or my neck but from what I have been told from other people it can happen if you get really concerned see your doctor it might just be that your over doing the pt but I would see your doctor before changing anything. I hope it's nothing serious take care and keep us posted on your recovery.