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Posted in: Neck pain.

Straight neck,C6C& herniation, right skull in head pain

Started by mrityunjay23 on 01/29/2016 12:27am

I have gone though Brain MRI, Cervical spine MRI and Eye fundouscopy( in order to avoid BIH confusion).
Brain MRI is ok.
Eye examination was also ok.
Cervical spine MRI shows straight neck, C6-C7 herniation in right side, Thecal compression,nerve root impingement some thing more
Doctor has told about neck exercises and cervical pillow.

Earlier I was putting bottle on beneath of my neck when i was sleeping . I was also doing other neck exercises. No big improvement has happened. I can't sleep on right side and chest up position. When i try to sleep left side initially it creates right head pressure and pain. But after some time I get sleep. In morning no right skull pressure and pain. Now a days i am getting sensation in my hand, feet and various parts of left side of my body.

Just now i have ordered apex cervical pillow. My right head pressure come pain is not improving.

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