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Posted in: Neck pain, and Surgery.

Posterior Cervical Fusion?

Started by 102058582962697... on 01/07/2016 7:08pm

Hi! I'm Kerri. On July 30 '15, I had an ACDF @ C6-7. (I also have slippage at C4-5 and herniations at C7-8, T1-2.) I used my own hip bone as a graft since it has a higher fusion rate and I have a history of pseudoarthrosis from my lumbar surgeries. Today I had my 6 month appointment, with X-rays, and my Dr. told me I haven't fused at all. Zero! I do smoke, and I did through all 3 of my lumbar surgeries, but I still fused, albeit slowly. In fact, I was told today I was finally completely fused (L4-S1, 9/30/14). Now, the next step for my neck is a posterior fusion because apparently my implant and/or screws can break due to the constant movement. Have any of you had a similar experience? My Dr. said he's never had a patient who used their own bone have zero fusion at 6 months - even a little ☹. I would like to know what you're experiences were with posterior neck surgery please. How was the pain and recovery? The ACDF was quite easy for me, so I expect this to be a lot more difficult, but I'm wondering how difficult. Also, (silly question) do you feel the screws in the back of your neck after? I mean, I have plenty of hardware in my lower back, but nothing really protrudes. For some reason I have it in my head that neck screws would. LOL! Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated! TYIA❤️

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