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Posted in: Neck pain, and Spondylosis.

New here

Started by 124805787521167... on 12/16/2015 10:51pm

Recently had an MRI after a few months of neck pain that got progressively worse. MRI shoeed severe degeneration, herniated disks and foraminal narrowing. I have an appointment with a neurosurgeon next month. I work at Starbucks, have 5 kids and 2 grand children. Need to get this fixed. Any suggestions?

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Take your MRI results (you are entitled to them) to another doctor for a second opinion. Neurosurgeons like to do surgery and I would not take one doctor's opinion. Please see another doctor for a second opinion... and maybe even a third.

Also, have you given physical therapy a chance? This is serious surgery and I would do everything I could to avoid it. Also, check out your mattress and pillow. Both can contribute to the problem. Wishing you good luck.


In answer to your question. I was in PT and they released me. They said after 9 visits I had not responded at all. Have an appointment with PainManagement Feb. 11. Kind of nervous they mentioned injections???. Went to neurosurgeon and he was a real jerk, so not going back to him. He did go over the mri though and said that i have foraminal stenosis and spinal cord stenosis? There was a blur he said looked like some curvature, but it could also be that I moved during mri??? What does that even mean. Thanks for ang help.


Thank you for response. I saw neurosurfeon, but he was very rude so I wont be going back.
I have an appointment woth pain management which i dont know what that will consist of. The doctor did explain MRI and said I also have spinal cord narrowing also. I did PT but was released after 9 visits. Have a sleep number bed and just got a cervical pillow. Just so frustrated, need pain to stop. Also have aot of tingling and numbness in arms and foot? Just want answers.