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Posted in: Neck pain.


Started by 102034237886342... on 07/30/2015 4:56pm

Well after wading through these posts I'm completely convinced I'm screwed. I have had 5 neck surgeries two posterior and 3 anterior and I'm fused from C4 to T5, with rods screws and bone packs, the last surgeries came while I'm awaiting a decision from the appeals board. I can't feel my left arm and can can barley use right arm. I'm on powerful narcotics just to be able to
Sleep (after 4 accidents at work) I worked for 27 years and they won't give me my money. So don't hold your breath going for ssdi they are a horrible horrible bunch. And I have a lawyer! A damn good one too! It's been 14 months hopefully they will render a decision soon.

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I feel your pain. I was denied after a required SSDI submittal many years ago. The constant pain and other symptoms along with four kids at home and a sick wife were too much for me so I did not have the strength to appeal. Now I realize that after 26 years of work that since I have not had good quarters for a number of years now that I am seeing my normal Social Security benefit; the one that I paid into for 26 years, is rapidly diminishing. I have been told that even though it has been more than 9 years that I need to get an attorney and fight the original decision. I am a MESS from C2 to T4 but have been holding out in hopes of a better surgical option than ACDF from C2 to C7 and options for T3-T4. Additionally I would need about 10 foramenotomies along with whatever else they need to clean up in there. The surgeon suggested a (360°?) which would be both the anterior approach and a posterior approach as I have no room in my spinal canal. I empathize and sympathize and wish I could help you. Take good care of yourself since most folks cannot understand this kind of suffering and you must feel miserably alone in this battle. If you have any other advice regarding an SSDI APPEAL I would appreciate it.


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I was denied from appeals board so now I'm going to federal court. You need a lawyer and a lot of patience. I was blessed in the fact that the state I worked for retired me from my position due to chronic pain loss of balance and stregnth due to many surgeries. Even though the state recognizes me as disabled the judge did not. In fact she didn't consider anything my surgeon the state or the Voc expert suggested. They can be a nightmare. When it's that blatant its a derilict of duties,but no one cares. Well maybe the federal court will care. It's been 4 years now and maybe someone will step in and end this madness.


I just started my application for Neck Spondylyosis / Stenosis / Arthropthy mess - just to see what's possible. Surgery considered is disk replacements, but "let's wait..." more RDF Lesioning of Facet Joint pain nerves is possible in the meantime. Thankfully, I am without the severe Neck Pain at the moment, but last procedure just MOVED to pain elsewhere. And I can feel the worsening compression on nerves to arms/hands - which I NEED to practice my profession as an attorney.

I know that SSDI will deny, deny, deny - but am shocked at denial of your serious long-term condition.
Who has the energy and motivation to fight these hassles?


Sorry for your Troubles.